$30.00 – 45 minutes mini-mat
$50.00 – 60 minutes Professional mat (Large mat & pillow)
$50.00 – one hour Foot Bath and Mini-Mat Session

How It Works

Through a process called electrolysis, the water in an Ionic Foot Bath (in combination with added sea salt) is charged into positive and negative ions.

Toxins are also charged particles and as they circulate through the blood in the region of the foot, they are then naturally drawn to their opposite charge in the water that the foot is submersed in.

Initiated through the attraction of opposite charges and facilitated through both osmosis and diffusion, any negatively charged toxins are drawn to positively charged ions in the water and any positively charge toxins are drawn out into the water by negatively charged ions.

In the end these toxins are then neutralized in the water of the foot bath. What you see with a change in color to the water in the foot bath relates in a visual way to accumulated toxins from the body being released from the body into this bath.