Jannette Kortman – Pain Relief Specialist

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2006, Jannette Kortman followed the conventional treatments with little results. Time to look for a different healing method! She made the life changing decision to use alternative therapies that radically changed her life, and healed her!

Jannette was so excited about the results, she opened her own business, called Cleanse Your Soles where she uses a combination of therapies to help people eliminate pain, inflammation, headaches, and more! Her ‘ go to’ therapies that bring the best results are the Ionic Foot Bath, Amethyst Bio Mat, and Foot Reflexology.

By focusing on giving an outstanding experience, people are amazed at how good they feel after working with Jannette. Her hope is to give everyone who walks through her doors the experience, strength, and hope to live a pain free life.

Jannette is also an author, having written a book about her personal healing experience from breast cancer called: The ABC’s of Breast Cancer – From Victim to Survivor.

Jannette Kortman